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Our Story

The Bilnia story goes back three generations and begins with Daniel Wiener. 


Growing up in Poland, at just 16 years old, Daniel began engineering school and would work as an apprentice in a bicycle factory. Though he showed great promise, his trade — and his life — were put on pause as much horror, suffering and adversity was spreading throughout Europe. 


Daniel survived the war and went back to Poland in 1945 where he crossed paths with Susanna. They were married two weeks later and began their journey to find a new home, which took them to Canada.


They settled in Toronto in 1952, and together, they co-founded Wiener Electric Limited (now known as Viscor) which is where their venture into real estate also began. 


They started by renting a small factory space on Queen Street where Daniel would produce and repair fluorescent lighting. But by 1954, the business would already outgrow the space and need a new home. With their success, they were able to buy a building at 100 Ossington, which would set the path for the future: with every factory space that was outgrown, it would be transformed into new space for other tenants. 


Since then, the company has been looked after by future generations — Daniel’s children and grandchildren — with many of the properties acquired by Daniel and Susanna still in the Bilnia portfolio to this very day. 

Read more about Daniel and Susanna's stories. 

Bill Wiener Headshot.png

Bill Wiener

Daniel Wiener Headshot.png

Daniel Wiener (1916-2001)

Susanna Wiener Headshot.png

Susanna Wiener (1923-2004)

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